Outdoor Living Spaces, Paver & Block Patios, Fireplaces, Etc.

Outdoor Living Space Design Company:
Serving Medina, Copley, Bath & Surrounding Areas

Nothing brings good friends, good times, and being outside together like a quality constructed outdoor living area. A backyard retreat for those evenings after work or typical weekend gatherings that you always look forward to. Paver and block patios offer a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns to give your backyard a truly customizable experience. Add to that, the durability, optional features, and low maintenance and it’s easy to see why paver and brick systems are a preferred choice. Whether your home is humble or grand, traditional or contemporary, Jackson Hunter has the expertise to suit your outdoor living space vision. Proudly serving Medina, Copley, Bath and surrounding areas.

Options to consider when designing your outdoor living area:

  1. Fireplaces & Fire Pits – Nothing says ambiance like a glowing crackling fire and the scent of burning wood.
  2. Gas grills – Add a gas grill right into your outdoor countertops for an easy “cooking while entertaining alternative.”
  3. Islands and bars – An element that is sure to be the center piece of any outdoor living area.
  4. Seat walls – Double as the patio’s border and extra seating.
  5. Pillars – Create end caps that may be used for a plethora of applications.
  6. Water features – “Sound and visual serenity” built right into any wall.

WHY Choose Pavers over Stamped Concrete or slab concrete:

Durability & Maintenance High durability with low maintenance needs. Pavers regularly last for decades. Some manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties. Broken pavers can be replaced by simply taking out the broken and replacing with a new. Areas that have settled can be lifted and re-leveled. The same pavers are placed back down. Moderate durability and maintenance. Most only carry a one or two year warranty. Cracking is common, which leads to unattractive patches. There is no complete solution to cracked concrete.
Appearance & Color Options Wide range of surface options including color, shape, texture and styles. Laying patterns may be varied to compliment the home. Different pavers may be mixed to create unique designs or color diversity. Single color may be used for color consistency Surface is usually colored. May be customized in color depending on provider. Patterns usually imitate pavers or natural stone from a distance. Up close appearance is not always consistent.
Initial Cost & Installation Moderate Cost. The lower long term maintenance and no possibility of cracking make pavers the best long term choice. Moderate to low initial cost. The long term possible effects of cracking do not outweigh the lower upfront cost.