Retaining & Garden Walls

Outdoor Retaining Wall & Garden Wall Installation
Serving Medina, Copley, Bath & Surrounding Areas

Retaining Walls are used to hold back soil and make areas of a landscape usable that were previously useless or hard to utilize due to slope. Most structural retaining walls are made using some type of paver block or brick. Pavers and blocks are the preferred choice due to the endless styles, textures, and colors. They also have the best durability of any wall system. Pavers aren’t the only option. Based on your taste, railroad ties, granite boulders, and treated lumber are more good choices.

Garden Walls are the little brother of the retaining wall. Garden walls usually wrap around flower beds, gardens, and even walkways. They’re usually three feet in height or less. Typically, they’re used to keep the mulch in and the grass out of flower beds. Pavers, block, and brick are the usual choices when installing garden walls. Yes, railroad ties, granite boulders, and treated lumber are good choices too. However, because of their smaller size stackable sandstone, blue stone, limestone, quartz and shale slabs are very popular choices.

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