Fall Clean-ups & Leaf Removal

Leaf Removal Services in Medina, Copley, Bath & Surrounding Areas

The leaf transformation is changing the Northeast Ohio landscape into a pallet of many colors. All those changing colors also signal LEAF CLEAN UP! Starting as early as September and lasting into November, most folks will require some type of leaf clean up. Jackson Hunter offers complete leaf clean up and fall services in Medina, Copley, Bath and surrounding areas.

Choose one, all, or a few:

Leaf Clean up: Complete leaf clean up from grass turf areas, flower beds, concrete areas, decks, and patios.
Leaf Removal/ Vacuum Services: Don’t have anywhere on your property to “leave the leaves”. We can take ‘em away for you! We are able to collect and remove, or simply leave the leaves at the curb and we’ll vacuum them up.
Fall Pruning: Fall is a great time to take care of that last tree and shrub prune. It’s also the best time to cut back the perennials, ornamental grasses, and do any last minute touch ups.

Benefits of Leaf Removal:

  • It makes the yard and landscape look great!
  • Leaf Removal keeps the lawn healthy from dead spots and snow mold.
  • Allows sunlight to reach the lawn to prevent problems and disease
  • Some leaves have high acid content which can be detrimental to the lawn.