Mulch Applications

Mulch Installation in Medina, Copley, Bath & Surrounding areas

Jackson Hunter serves the Medina County, Copley, Bath, and surrounding areas mulch needs with quality mulch installation services.

Mulch gives more than just curb appeal! Of course mulch makes the landscape look fresh and clean but it does so much more. Mulch holds moisture for the plants during times of hot weather and can reduce watering. Mulch also provides essential nutrients for the trees and shrubs, when it decomposes. During winter months, mulch acts as an insulation barrier to protect the plant’s roots.

Color Enhanced Natural Hardwood Mulch:

Our mulch is made from all natural hardwoods. Natural hardwood mulch is better for your plants, as explained above. It also absorbs color enhancers better making it more resistant to sun fade and rain wash out, for a look that lasts.

A list of Mulches we install:

  • Color enhanced brown, black, and red – All natural hardwood
  • Kids Playground mulch and wood chips – cleaned natural hardwood
  • Sweet Peat
  • Blended topsoil

Beware of Pallet mulch: Yes, that’s right. There is mulch available made from ground pallets. These types of mulches provide little to no nutrient value to your plants. Pallets are made from treated lumber, so they leak the same treated lumber chemicals back into the soil. The treated lumber pallet mulch doesn’t allow color enhancers to absorb properly causing premature fading and rain wash out.