Renovations & Tear outs

Landscape Renovation Company: Redesign & Restorations in Medina, Copley, Bath & Surrounding Areas

Landscape Renovations: From full property renovations, redesign, and overhaul to removing a few shrubs, our team of professionals can help your aged landscape get back on track. Maybe you just moved into a new home that has an aged, un-kept, or foreclosed landscape. Maybe your home was built 20 or 30 years ago and it’s time for some “landscape remodeling and updates”. Maybe you have a few trees and shrubs that are overtaking the house, patio, and walkways. A landscape that’s in disarray can reduce a home’s value by up to 15%. We specialize in transforming older outdated properties into updated modern works of art.

Reasons to Renovate:

Moving into a new home or business:

  • Make your new home or business feel like your own, with your style, ideas, and needs.
  • Spruce it up to give a fresh look.
  • Foreclosure

Selling your home or property:

  • The landscape is the first site, create a great first impression!
  • Landscape renovations can increase a property’s value by up to 15%.

Lawn Tear Outs & Replanting:

Some properties can be brought back to life with the right fertilizer programs, others cannot. We can help guide you on making the right decision before investing thousands into lawn tear out and replanting.

Plants and Trees that are Overgrown:

Trees pressing against houses and buildings can cause damage to windows and siding. They can also create avenues for critters and insects to access the house and roof. Trees to close to the house can also cause mold build up due to excess shade.

Shrubbery that is hanging over the sidewalk, pushing against other plants or even the house or building isn’t just unsightly. These overgrown plants can starve other plants of nutrients, water, and sunlight. They can invite unwanted pests and insects to areas you don’t want them and even into the house. They can also cause mold and moss problems within the landscape and on the house.

Paver Patio and Retaining Wall Redesign and New Construction:

Tired of looking at a patio or wall that is outdated, falling apart, or beyond repair? Consider a new patio or wall with today’s blocks that are simply built better, resist stressful weather, maintain texture, blend color throughout the block, and are built for heavy traffic areas. On top of that, utilize a broad range of block styles, color, and patterns.

Paver Patio Restoration:

Weeds growing out of your patio, blocks or sections that have settled or heaved, mold and moss build up and discoloration. These types of scenarios have solutions and Jackson Hunter can solve them!

We provide renovation and tear out services in Medina, Copley, Bath and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate!