Spring & Summer Clean Ups

Seasonal Landscape Maintenance in Medina, Copley, Bath & Surrounding Areas

Spring & Summer Clean ups:

Spring is finally here and you’re spending more time outdoors. However, winter has left behind a wake of leaves, sticks, and debris scattered across your property, and even trash at commercial organizations. Commercial or Residential, our professional staff can get your property ready for the year. We provide seasonal landscape maintenance in Medina, Copley, Bath and surrounding areas. The following is a check list of features to consider when planning your spring clean up. Choose all, one, or just a few. To achieve the best results, we recommend choosing all features.


  • Mulch: Of course mulch gives curb appeal, but it does so much more. Mulch provides essential nutrients for your plants, holds moisture for the plants’ roots, and reduces weeds. We offer color enhanced brown, black, red, or “no color” natural.
  • Flower Bed Edging:A quality machined edge adds a crisp clean look to your flower beds. It keeps the mulch in the flower beds and prevents grass from growing into flower beds. It makes mowing and string trimming easier.
  • Plant Pruning & general bed clean up: It’s always a great idea to perform any tree and ornamental shrub pruning prior to mulch installation. Most plants need pruned twice per year. Why not one prune once now and save the second for fall? Besides, pruning after an installation of fresh mulch and newly cut bed edges just makes a mess. On top of that, we will likely need to clean the flower beds anyway to prepare for the mulch application.
  • Weed Control Products: We recommend having our trained staff apply weed spray one week prior to your spring clean up and mulch application. Yes, mulch helps with weed control. However, it doesn’t kill weeds. Any weeds that are attempted to be buried with mulch will just pop up through the mulch in a few weeks or even days later.