Stone & Rock Applications

Stone & Rock Landscape Design in Medina, Copley, Bath & Surrounding Areas

Stone flower beds:

Converting flower beds from mulch to river stone, or any stone, are amongst the hottest trends in landscaping. Why? River stone, limestone, lava rock, etc, doesn’t fade in the sun or have the color washed out by the rain. It always stays the same in color. Due to this, reapplication year over year like mulch, is not needed.

There are some things to consider before applying:

  1. Laying a good quality fabric underneath the stone and throughout the flower beds for weed control. The fabric also prevents the stone from sinking into the ground over time.
  2. Edging, such as a contractor grade black plastic tubular style edging, pavers or blocks, stackable sandstone or bluestone, boulders, or even railroad ties or treated lumber. The edging materials keep the stones in the bed and keep the grass out of the stones.
  3. Plants, with absence of nutritional mulch, the plants will still need to be fertilized two times per year to stay healthy.

More ways to apply stones:

Pond Accents: For a decorative look, to aid in nuisance pond plant control, and erosion.

Hillsides: Add a splash of decorative stone and reduce maintenance in tough to manage areas. The stone will also help with erosion control and weed prevention

Swales and ditches – Create “dry river beds” by placing stones in areas that are continually wet and hard to maintain.

Pathways and driveways – Washed gravel and limestone are efficient alternatives to concrete, pavers, and block.

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